The Bronze Star Purple Heart Project Logo

Mission and vision

It is our intention to collect the stories and real-life experiences of military veterans to serve as a teaching tool for future students and researchers through a variety of media. Initially our passion for theatre and history are fueling the principal phase of this project. We look to inspire and educate students with the hope to create new works. It is also our goal to extend this project into the future by creating an archive of their histories to serve as research sources and historical non-fiction of our nation’s history. We hope that this project will continue in our school and in South Florida as we join forces with our local military museums and associations in the name of enlightenment and education. 

The principal phase of the project will be a series of interviews conducted by the members of the project with current and former military personnel. The stories will be brought to the membership to devise performance pieces in the form of monologues, duet scenes and group scenes. The vignettes will be assembled for a performance that will initially start at Miami Arts Studio and will extend to various other venues in the community. 

Each interviewed veteran will receive a copy of the performance piece for approval and authenticity prior to the performance. We value the lives of these dedicated soldiers and will treat the material with utmost respect to see that the stories are represented with extreme consideration, care and empathy.

Phases of the project

This project will be done in 4 phases:

  • Phase 1 – We will interview veterans to learn of their experiences before, during, and after their service in the armed forces.
  • Phase 2 – Group members will create original scripts based on the experiences these veterans give.
  • Phase 3 – We will send the veterans the scripts to make sure they are authentic and considerate. Once they have been checked, we will begin holding staged readings with the veterans present and begin rehearsing for our final performance date.
  • Phase 4 – Our final performance date and opening night will be in March and will take place on a Zoom online meeting. We wish to continue performances afterwards at other venues. The veterans will also each get a commemorative pin showing their participation in the project.