Past Activity

Ever since this project’s conception, we have  interviewed 10 veterans and two people still  active in the military:

  • Hector Chinea (Navy) – Stationed on the carrier USS America
  • Alex Morlote (Army) – Member of the Sgt. Audie Murphy Club
  • Elise Hollant (Army) – Specialist and number one man for her artillery crew
  • Jacob Marshall (Army) – Staff Sergeant and husband to Elise Hollant
  • Pitched project to VAREP (Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals)
  • Ozzy “Cuba” Perez – Lance Corporal of the 3rd Marines
  • Cooperating with Dr. Anthony Atwood and the Veterans History Project
  • Carolyn Boyer
  • Hans Batista
  • Evan Arce
  • Eduardo Zaret